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1955 Porsche 356 “Pre-A” Continental

The Porsche 356 “pre-A” Continental. A true classic of the mid-1950’s.

Before there was the 911, there was the 356. This beautiful 1955 Porsche 356 coupe, extensively renovated at Treasured Motorcar Services, is an example of the rare “pre-A” 356, specifically aimed at the North American market by Porsche importer Max Hoffman. Hoffman named them “Continentals” after their sophisticated European style.

Ford , already manufacturing the Lincoln Continental, promptly sued over the name, making 1955 the last year this version was produced. In 1956, a similar version – the Porsche 356A “European” was produced, making these “pre-A” models especially rare, and especially valuable. You can quickly distinguish a “pre-A” model by looking at the unique V-shaped windshield.

For this extensive renovation, Treasured Motorcars performed exhaustive research to find the original color, which was discovered to be Turkish Red. Through a painstaking process, their technicians back-formulated the color to match the original. Then, they completely disassembled and repainted the car, renovated the chrome, restored the interior, and repaired the electrical and mechanical systems.

In this condition, and in the original Turkish Red, this Porsche 356 pre-A Continental is a truly rare collectible, by any measure.

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