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Treasured Motorcar Customs: Automotive Body Repair and Refinishing

Treasured Motorcar Customs featured on MotorWeek’s Goss’ Garage

Treasured Motorcar Services is the Mid-Atlantic’s premier facility for the maintenance, restoration, and detailing of your treasured motorcar, along with the expansion  of Treasured Motorcar Customs, we are also the highest quality provider for all of your classic vehicle’s body repair and refinishing needs.

To consult with us about Automotive Refinishing

call  Treasured Motorcars at 410-833-2329

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The Quality Your Treasured Vehicle Deserves

Our passion for the car owners and vehicles we service is what drives us. Whether you are getting your vehicle ready for a weekend excursion or preparing it for its next show day or concours, we have the expertise and passion to refinish your vehicle with outstanding care and quality.

When it comes to refinishing, overlooking even the slightest detail jeopardizes quality results. At Treasured Motorcars, we have close to 40 years of experience taking care of high-end vehicles of all ages. We understand how important attention to detail is, and not a single detail—no matter how minor—goes overlooked at Treasured Motorcars.

1955 Porsche 356 Pre-A Continental Close-Up Side - Treasured Motorcars 1955 Porsche 356 Pre-A Continental Side Profile - Treasured Motorcars

(A 1955 Porsche Pre-A 356 Continental that we refinished with a beautifully mixed, rare Turkish red.)



1993 Land Rover Defender (3 of 49)With decades of experience and an immense passion for classic cars of all ages, Treasured Motorcar Services and Treasured Motorcar Customs are your trusted providers for the highest quality automotive body repair and refinishing services.

To consult with us about Automotive Refinishing, call Treasured Motorcars at 410-833-2329

or click here to contact us online!