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Car Collection Maintenance

There are specific requirements that are important to collection maintenance.  Our car collection maintenance services are a comprehensive program designed to make automobile collecting enjoyable.

That which makes a car collectable is its ability to appreciate, both aesthetically and financially.  Yet, without routine maintenance, even the finest car can depreciate rapidly due to delayed repairs, degradation of construction materials, and environmental exposure, especially if it is not started or driven regularly.

Keep Your Treasured Motorcars in Top Condition

Most of our clients lead active lifestyles, and the balance of family, work and recreation leaves less time for attention to their cars. All vehicles, modern or vintage, need to be driven, or at least started, regularly.

Vehicles in storage require periodic inspection and maintenance of all mechanical, electrical, and fluid systems so that they are ready to be driven when called upon. The preservation, appearance and care requirements of paint, chrome, leather, carpets and fabrics cannot be fully met by a client with a busy life.

Service Programs to Keep Your Vehicle in Top Condition

Every collection varies in type of cars, quality and client’s interests. Treasured Motorcars will create a custom service program based on the needs of the individual client. This begins with an initial meeting and evaluation of the automobiles needs. Reports and/or activity logs can be generated for easy monitoring.

Whether you are looking to create a collection yourself or just looking to enhance your garage, contact us for a professional and personal consultation:

Alan Curtis

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