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Car Collection Management

complete car collection management services

We can assist with discreetly locating and purchasing vehicles for private enthusiasts. Our clients rely on our years of collector car experience and vast network of industry resources to guide them in making sound collector car investments.

We want to enrich your experience while reducing stress by handling everything throughout the process. We are pleased to give a market opinion and then conduct the entire negotiation process on your behalf, as your representative. Treasured Motorcars can arrange shipping directly to the client or via our facility to perform any service or restoration services that may be desired or necessary.

Contact Treasured Motorcars for a professional and personal consultation
at 410-833-2329 to learn more or click here to contact us online.

Why Get a Pre-Purchase Consultation?

Save yourself time, money and aggravation on your next vehicle transaction by arranging a Pre-Purchase Consultation from Treasured Motorcars. Our technicians have decades of experience with the service, maintenance, and restoration of rare, exotic, and antique cars. Few facilities are equipped or experienced to evaluate your vehicle for safety and quality.

It’s What You Can’t See that Matters

The car you’re thinking of purchasing may look good on the outside, but what lies beneath the surface? beneath the bonnet? under the shiny chrome?

The only way to find out is to have a thorough inspection performed by expert technicians like the ones at Treasured Motorcars.

Not only do we have hands-on experience restoring and repairing the rarest automobiles, we also have computer diagnostic capabilities and an extensive library of information.

Get a Consultation Before You’ve Made the Investment

Don’t wait until after you’ve made the investment to discover hidden issues, leaving you with a vehicle worth much less than you had thought. Take advantage of our knowledge and experience with our Pre-Purchase Consultation services. Treasured Motorcars has assisted in putting together some of the finest collections and coordinated purchases on behalf of private enthusiasts.

Consult with the experts at Treasured Motorcar Services before you purchase your next vehicle. Make sure your investment is sound, and that your car is safe. For the cost of time and travel expense, we will perform a Pre-Purchase Consultation anywhere in the world.

Contact Treasured Motorcars for a professional and personal consultation,
at 410-833-2329 or click here to contact us online!