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Land Rover Repair

At Treasured Motorcar Services, we’ve worked on thousands of Land Rovers over the past several decades. Our mechanics are experts in dealing with these luxury vehicles – no matter the age. We strive for 100% satisfaction in Land Rover repair. After all, we want you to leave our shop happy. Whether your vehicle needs restoring or mechanical repair, we offer a great range of automotive services catered specifically toward the Land Rover. Below, we’ve included a list of the many services we provide to better serve you:

To contact Treasured Motorcar Services about Land Rover repair, call us at 410-833-2329 or click here to contact us online!

Land Rover Maintenance

We want you to continue driving your Land Rover for many more years to come. That’s why tune-ups are so important. By coming into our shop for preventative maintenance, it gives us an opportunity to examine your vehicle closely to help extend its life and make sure it maintains superb performance. When you come to us, we will carefully inspect the following:

  • Oil Changes
  • Mechanical Repairs
  • Electrical Repairs
  • Diagnostic
  • Engine Rebuilds Suspension
  • Custom Paint
  • Interior
  • Complete or Partial Restoration tune-up Suspension overhaul
  • Gearbox repair/rebuild, Electrical/lighting/wiring Air conditioning/heating Steering
  • Tires/wheels

Land Rover Defender Repair & Restoration

Diagnostic Services for your Land Rover

Our diagnostic tests carefully identify and evaluate problems that can harm the Land Rover’s normal operation. We use the latest technology and tools, including the AutoLogic diagnostic system, to examine your vehicle carefully and work to correct any problem we might find.

Mechanical Services

Over time Land Rovers may experience mechanical issues. This might include problems with the engine starting, coolant leaking, poor fuel economy and many more. Our mechanics are dedicated to fixing any issue, big or small.

Electrical Services

One of the most important components of any Land Rover is the electrical system. It’s responsible for your ability to turn on your vehicle’s lights, radio and air conditioner. Your Land Rover’s turn signals and power windows also rely on it to work properly.

Engine Rebuilds

Engine problems are not uncommon for many high mileage vehicles. When it comes to rebuilding these engines, we carefully disassemble to repair and replace the necessary parts. If rebuilding it isn’t an option, we will replace it with one that’s even better than the original.

Suspension Repairs

A properly working suspension system is what makes your ride in your Land Rover a smooth and stable one. These parts eventually wear out or even break. Signs that your vehicle’s suspension may need repairing include: excess tire wear, difficulty turning corners and unusual swaying and bouncing when hitting a pothole or speed bump.

To contact Treasured Motorcar Services about Land Rover repair, call us at 410-833-2329 or click here to contact us online!

Complete or Partial Land Rover Restoration

Restoration is a big part of what we do at Treasured Motorcar Services. Our goal is to take your vehicle and transform it into gleaming beauty. When we are done with it, not only will it look brand new on the surface, it will drive better, too. When restoring a vehicle, it might include the following:

Body Work

Sometimes a vehicle is damaged in an accident and needs to be repaired, and some areas just rust over time. With some Land Rover models, specifically the Defender 90s, the frames are known to rust out over time. In that case, we swap it out for a new galvanized one. Whether your vehicle is dented or contains some other imperfection, it can easily be corrected.

Custom Paint

Over time, a Land Rover’s paint may chip or fade. Other times, customers simply want to feel like their driving a brand new vehicle. A custom paint job can certainly do the trick as well as get rid of scratches, chipped paint or dull color.

Interior Work

Even the inside of your vehicle can take a beating as it ages. Torn seats, worn dashboards, damaged steering wheels – you name it, we can handle it. When we’re done with the inside, you won’t believe you’re sitting in the same vehicle.

To contact Treasured Motorcar Services about Land Rover repair, call us at 410-833-2329 or click here to contact us online!